Saturday, May 16, 2020

Putting the Books in Order

I have finished the T's.

Of course, that's only for certain values of 'finished.' I know as I sort through the rest of the unsorted books, I will find many, many books by T authors.

This is a good reason never to move again right here. And this is only about half the books we had in the old house -- we donated boxes and boxes to the library.



Jenny F. Scientist said...

We once helped two English PhD friends pack up and move. There were 167 boxes of books. One of them was trying to catalog them as we packed. We had 10 hours to sort and pack a 3br apartment they'd lived in for 7 years. It was also 95 degrees and a religious fast day and the power kept going out. After they moved another friend and I had to tackle the 37 bags of recycling and the drifts of cat hair (we eventually hired a cleaning service). This was in 2005 and clearly still haunts my dreams. I love them both but I am never moving them again! (We were all grad students and now everyone concerned has a real job so there's little fear of a recurrence, mercifully.)

delagar said...

I gave up trying to keep our books in order as we packed after the first move.

When we moved last August, it was 95 and humid. We had six says to move. It was an absolute nightmare. But I was so glad to be away from that awful landlord!