Monday, May 25, 2020

Day Five

I think I'm better?

Hard to say, exactly. My fever is down -- between 99.1 and 99.6 most of the time -- but the body aches are worse, and my headache was terrible last night. Also serious pain in my intestines, like debilitating pain. That's intermittent, though, and only lasts a moment or two.

The dreams continue. Last night, I dreamed I had to put crates and crates of cookbooks into alphabetical order, except some were too big to fit on the shelves, and all of them were so heavy they made my hands and arms hurt when I tried to move them around. Also there was a lot of dust.

This probably means something, but I can't think what.

UPDATE: This says the abdominal pain may be a symptom of the virus. I also have a loss of appetite, so.

UPDATE: Here's a nice self-assessment from the CDC. It says I don't need a test, yet; but I think I'll call my teledoc (the university got us teledoc access) tomorrow and make sure.


Anonymous said...

BE VERY WARY For some people it is over at this point but for others it is the eye of the storm and the disease comes back harder, faster, in even worse form. SO WARY. Lots of rest.
Absolutely sending best wishes you are over and done and no more! Please update as you can. Thank you.

Athena Andreadis said...

Oh, my dear. Get tested if you can; that way, you'll know in case it requires you to take stronger therapeutic measures, and you'll also know that you'll have acquired immunity when it has passed, No matter what it is, take great care of yourself.

delagar said...

Thank you both! I'm keeping a careful watch on my symptoms. I think testing is available here (finally); I'll look into that.

oceangirl101 said...

I was sick off and on for four weeks with fever, serious fatigue, headaches, digestive stuff, loss of appetite, loss of smell, etc. new symptoms can crop up even a week or two in. Be careful to drink lots of water and to get lots of rest. You may have setbacks once you start to feel better, good days followed by bad days. This is normal but it can be hard on the psyche. Feel better!

delagar said...

Oceangirl -- thank you! Most of the stress I'm feeling is from not knowing what to expect. That helps.