Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Books Ordering Accomplished

It is accomplished.

I have put all the books in order. Some of them were duplicate copies, bought by Dr. Skull when he couldn't find the copy we already have. Having the books in order should put a stop to that, at least.

I also weeded out three more boxes to donate to the library, when it re-opens.

The library home page used to tell us they would open two weeks from whatever date it currently was. Now they're saying "closed until further notice."

Luckily they're still letting us do curbside pickups. I can't afford to buy as many books as I'm reading, and also where would we put them? Even weeding out the excess books, our shelves are still crammed full.

Seamless pattern bookshelves Royalty Free Vector Image


Anonymous said...

well done. Proud of you and congratulations.

delagar said...

Thank you! It was a ton of work.