Sunday, September 22, 2019

WTH, Amazon?

Amazon's algorithms need work.

Here's what they recommended to me today.

I mean, not only is it utterly absurd, if I even had $1400, that's not what I would spend it on, not in this universe or any other. Jeez. (Do you know how many books you could but for $1400?)

Also, that this is available at all tells me some people have waaay too much money.

ETA: And notice that people are buying these. Here's one of the five-star comments:

Love this wine dispenser. Keeps two bottles at the perfect temperature, ready for a fresh pour at will. Perfect for entertaining, and easy to use. Bought another for our second home!


Bardiac said...

Some people have WAY too much money!

And isn't one of the pleasures of having guests taking care of them (or, I suppose, if one's wealthy enough, knowing one's servants are doing it even better)?

I guess pouring from a bottle of wine doesn't seem THAT difficult?

delagar said...


D Shannon said...

Amazon just raised the price to

"$1999 plus FREE shipping."

It's a tad more expensive, but at least the postage is free.

delagar said...


Also I see they will let me buy it for the low, low rate of $166.58/month! I mean, what a deal!

A said...

I assumed that review was a joke. Because wow.

delagar said...

I think it was a legitimate review, but you never know.