Thursday, September 12, 2019

We Don't Need Socialized Medicine, Everything is FINE

Dr. Skull lost his meds in the move -- he takes a non-generic medication for his blood pressure, which is hard to control. Of course the insurance will only pay for a refill every 30 days.

Luckily, we had some samples on hand, which our doctor had given us when we were arguing with the insurance company about whether they would pay for this medication at all. So he took those for awhile. But now they're running out -- he has only two days supply left, and we are five days away from the day on which the insurance company will refill the prescription.

So I called the pharmacy to find out how much it would cost for us to just buy three days worth of pills. Guess how much. Guess.

$58.00. For six blood pressure pills.

Buy them or risk him having a stroke. Hmm, which should we chose?

(Instead we called our PCP and asked for more samples -- she gave us enough to get us through. But what if we didn't have her? Or what if we didn't know to do that?)

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