Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sounding a Little Desperate

Here's an article from the Guardian about the reactions from Trump's toadies to the on-going impeachment investigation.

  • Giuliani says he won't cooperate, unless of course Trump tells him he can
  • Jim Jordon repeats the talking point that the whistle-blower is "biased" and that anyway everything they said was based on "hearsay" (I've seen that one repeated about 500 times on FB over the past few days, almost always by people who have no idea what hearsay means, or how to spell it). And, as the Guardian notes, "In fact, the whistleblower cites numerous eyewitnesses in his or her account of Trump’s attempt to coerce Ukraine to dish up dirt on his political rival, former vice-president Joe Biden."
  • Stephen Miller, that vampiric bit of scum, claims that Trump is the "real whistleblower," apparently because he's drawing attention to the Hunter Biden faux-scandal, though that's not really clear.

As the article makes clear, there's nothing to the Biden scandal. 

There is no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine, where the son was on the board of a gas company and where the then vice-president pushed for the firing of a senior prosecutor. Joe Biden is a frontrunner in the Democratic race to challenge Trump for the White House next year.
But of course that won't matter to Trump supporters. They're not interested in evidence, only in whatever lies and nonsense will allow them to keep supporting their vile joke of president.

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