Tuesday, September 03, 2019

More about Moving

We're about 90% unpacked now, I guess. My phone has not revealed itself. I am guessing it is lost for real. 😕

But that seems to be the only casualty of the move, so I will take it. It was a fairly cheap phone, and served its purpose, which was to give me a phone while Dr. Skull was teaching at the Governor's School this past summer. I can have its service terminated and save that money, along with the savings in rent. Hurray!

Meanwhile! About the new house:

  • The window units, which I was worried wouldn't keep the house cool enough (as opposed to central air, I mean) keep the house extremely cold
  • The storage space, which I was worried would be insufficient, is more than sufficient (donating about 40% of our books and clothing and excess belongs probably helped)
  • The wooden floors are even more wonderful than I expected
  • The stove is a gas stove. I have missed cooking with gas so much
  • The immense back yard is full of bunnies and the trees are full of squirrels. The little dog is in paradise
  • The bath tub is an old one, original with the house, I suspect, which means it is huge (our previous house had a modern tub, very good for saving on the water bill, and no good for soaking blissfully
  • The cats are starting to adjust, though they spent the first several days hiding and the first several nights prowling the halls wailing in outrage
  • We no longer have a library, a lovely grocery, and a post-office within walking distance, which is a loss; but we've traded that for the university, which is half a mile away
  • And there's a grocery within a mile, and a post office and a library less than two miles away, so
Meanwhile, non-stop intensive packing and unpacking for the past -- what has it been? Ten days? Twelve days? -- has left us exhausted. We will be a month recovering, I suspect. But it is worth it.

Once again, thank you to everyone who made this move possible! Y'all are the best, and we literally could not have done it without you.

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