Saturday, March 03, 2018

Saturday Links

I am very nearly recovered from that horrible flu, but very nearly ain't 100%. All y'all stay well out there.

Have some links for your Saturday:

Probably only language nerds will love this as much as I do

I am too amused

Incorrect theories

Yet another way Trump is destroying the country

And here too

This is the new favorite argument from the alt.right -- and it's entirely incorrect, as anyone who knows anything about the Holocaust actually knows

Long read, but excellent, on why the alt.right racists are wrong about their IQ "science."

I can't stop laughing (NSFW):


nicoleandmaggie said...

Hope you're completely better now!

delagar said...

It's a bad flu /cold! I do not recommend it.

I'm like 96% better. I'm still coughing and low energy. But I feel so much better than I did!