Sunday, March 25, 2018


Today is the last day of Spring Break. We took the kid back up to school yesterday, only to find that their dorm did not open until noon today. So they're staying with their Uncle Charger, who is very kindly going to help them move back in today.

I'm getting sick again, I think -- some sort of stomach ailment. Queasy and feverish, though no actual vomit yet.

Hope your weekend's going better!

Have some links:

Rod Dreher has yet another tantrum

It's not liberals who are changing

This reminds me of when my kid was in pre-school, and the teachers kept insisting to us that they were "happier" when they were wearing dresses. Socialization starts young.

Me and the kid

White guys are just very troubled and anxious. 

This happened in Arkansas

A useful link for writers

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