Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday Links!

Rod Dreher is still a snowflake. See also this one. Apparently little girls in social justice teeshirts trigger you, if you're a modern conservative.

The fifth year reboot

Trump and Russia

Trump Tax-scam

Race Science is Bad Science

Cool story

Language evolving (H/T to the Kid, who sent me this one)

Our departmental printer does nothing but jam, so this felt like it was written for me

See also this:

This is, in fact, how Oregon always sounds to me when I read about it:

Plus I love this painting:


Nicoleandmaggie said...

I finally logged into a Facebook account to see why we’ve been getting so many hits recently—it turns out someone had linked to your comment about the origins of the suck fairy on one of our old posts!

delagar said...

Ha! I don't even remember that comment. But I'm sure it was *incisive*!