Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Crumbs from the Tax Scam

As I already noted, my big prize from Trump's yuuuuge tax cut for "middle class families" is just over $30/month, which will be eaten up by the increases in healthcare costs that resulted from his gutting of Obamacare.

My prescription meds, for instance, have doubled in price. Under Obamacare, two of them had been free, and the rest had dropped in price to under $10.00. Now, none are free, and the one that was $4.00/month is now $9.00 a month, where the one that was $10.00 is now $35.00/month.

My co-pay for office and specialist visits also went up. We won't even talk about the deductible.

I'll remind you I'm solidly in the middle-class. Most months, I have a hard time making it to payday without running out of money. Vacations? Savings? Paying off medical debt? I can't even afford new shoes.

Meanwhile, you'll remember that naive blogger I mentioned some time ago, who thought that they were "middle-class" when they were making $160,000/year?

Yeah, they posted today that their tax cut from Trump is more than $200/month. They -- wealthy enough to take multiple vacations each year, to buy a house, to put their kid in private schools -- their tax break is over $2400/year. Mine is $350.

And I'll remind you that this year is the best year for those of us who make $75,000/year or less. Every year after this, our taxes will increase.

In conclusion, vote the GOP out.


Nicoleandmaggie said...

Ugh. I’m working hard to change things. I hope some of it takes.

delagar said...

Me too!

Bardiac said...

So depressing, all around...

delagar said...

It really is.

I've seen more than one blog post or FB post written by those in the top 1-3% of the income level, richsplaining to the rest of us about the yuuuuge tax break Trump has given "us." (Usually with the subtext of haha crumbs right?)

Their point is always that it's just silly to continue to oppose Trump, now that's he's given "us" all this money.

None of them seem to realize how abnormal their income level is, compared to most of the USA, or how their contempt for the experience of others comes off.