Monday, November 02, 2015

Some Photographs

Here is a new photograph of my cat Junti, with a pear,

Here is the new dog, Heywood, lolling.

Our Halloween pumpkin, in daylight:

Our Halloween pumpkin, at night:

The Bachman-Wilson House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, which was purchased and rebuilt at Crystal Bridges (we went to see this yesterday; it's impressive, but a lot smaller than I expected):

One of my favorite paintings at Crystal Bridges, a Hopper:

My kid's head, as she looks out of the window at the giant spider sculpture at Crystal Bridges:

That spider sculpture is impressive -- it must be 30 feet high, and it's made almost entirely of wrought iron, and beautiful. Even people like my kid, who don't like spiders, are entranced by it.

All photos by Dr. Skull, btw.

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