Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy TNX, Y'all

Here at Chez delagar, we're having Uncle Charger & his mama to dinner, which is a relatively small guest-list for us -- in general, Dr. Skull spends the entire months of October and November inviting everyone he runs across in the street or in his active social life to dinner.

But this year, between his job and the fact that he's been working on not one but two novels, he's been more occupied than usual; also, many of our friends are traveling.

Still, he's been cooking all week nonetheless.  We're having pumpkin soup, green bean casserole, sourdough bread, grilled asparagus, and turkey, of course -- also sweet potatoes, with home-made marshmallows, b/c of the kid's corn syrup allergy.

Two kinds of dessert -- Pumpkin pie and a coffee tart.

I made the sweet potatoes.  It's all I'm allowed to cook. (I am not complaining!)

I leave you with this Buzzfeed video, which amuses me highly:


Anonymous said...

I may invite myself next year. :)Rosario

delagar said...

You should come! That would be wonderful!