Tuesday, November 03, 2015

As Much as I Hate to Keep Attacking Rod Dreher....

So you've all heard of Ben Fields and how he assaulted that black child.

You know all the circumstances.  How the girl is a recent orphan.  How the entire contretemps started over the girl getting out her phone in class, and then refusing to surrender the phone. (I'll admit I have some sympathy here -- I know how essential my kid's phone is to her mental well-being, and no, I do not exaggerate, not even one tiny bit. She, too, would probably risk arrest rather than give up her phone, and she has two living parents.)

How this is not the first time Ben Fields has assaulted a student at that school.  How he didn't just toss he around, he threw her so hard he broke her arm.

What is Rod Dreher's reaction to this?  Why, it's black culture again.  Those black people just don't respect authority properly, so what else was Ben Fields supposed to do?

And it's not that Ben Fields is racist!  We know he's not racist! (Guess how?  He's married to a black woman.  That's how.  And when someone in comments points out that Strom Thurmond also had a relationship with a black woman, Rod Dreher claims this is trolling.  Because yeah, no one who is a racist ever has a relationship with a black woman.  And no one who is a misogynist ever marries a woman.  And no one who is a homophobe ever has gay sex, or gay friends.  We all know this is true.)

But my favorite part of Rod's response is where he claims that if his daughter had acted like this in class, and Ben Fields had thrown her across the room, he would have been pleased by the officer's behavior -- oh, more than that in fact: "I would buy him dinner for treating her that way," Rod claims.

If a police officer throws his kid across the room and breaks her arm, Rod's going to take the man out to dinner.

That's just...priceless.

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