Monday, September 14, 2009

They're Not Racist

Check out the signs from that 2 million* teabagger march on DC.

People on the Right, as well as those who are opposed to Obama, keep trying to tell me it's nothing to do with him being black.  It's the deficit, they claim, or his policies.  It's because they pay their way and they think everyone else should too.  "My dad works hard," one of Zelda's students told her, "so why should these bums get a free ride?"

I might believe these arguments if their signs didn't show that they believed the bums were brown, or spoke with accents that did not match their own; or, of course, if they had ever once attended any sort of march like this when George W. Bush was destroying our economy.

(Pictures via Majikthise)

*That's in wingnut math.  It was closer to 70,000 the way the rest of us count. (See Nate at 538 for a thorough examination of the subject.)

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