Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall/Not Whining

It's fall here, or trying to be.  Cooler weather, trees that have a small edge of red leaves along one border.  I'm trying to work on my lizard story (I write SF about lizards and frogs these days, it's very odd) and not sink into a slough of despond about why should I write anyway.  The weather is helping.

Also!  We are up to N on the shelves.  Though it is obvious our weeding out and boxing up of books has not been thorough enough.  Or else we need more shelves.  A bigger house?  To move to the practice of using Kindle instead?

I am tired of cooking, and Herr Dr. Delagar is too busy.  So we are living on Nutella with a spoon from a jar and apples, also diet Coke black with rum mixed in.  This cannot be such a good thing, I am fairly certain.


Elizabeth said...

My plan is to convert all my books to Kindle. I'm having a difficult time giving up my law school books, even though they're useless now. I'm also having trouble giving up my philosophy books, but at least those are small.

j0lt said...

Nutella is bliss.

dorki said...

I think that the proper solution to your library is like mine - I added a wing to the house made of Ace bandage material. I now stretches to fit what is put into it.

delagar said...

Or, you know, a room that opens into another dimension. Infinite space!

Julianna said...

We put ours on shelves in the basement, and some in boxes. They are there when we want to look for something (we just need to dust it off a bit). It's like having a wing of the house dedicated to a still-growing collection of books we don't have the heart to thin out. I did toss out my husband's book on VW Bug maintenance for an ancient model year we've never owned. Actually we have two old Toyotas. Please don't tell him.