Thursday, September 24, 2009

No Real Shock Here

But states that are more religious are states that end up with more pregnant teens.

How come? Well, maybe because, like the religious kids at my kid's school, they don't get taught anything about birth control or even basic sex education at all? Ya think? Just say no, that's what they get taught. Don't do it until you get married, that's all you need to know, that's what they get told.

Because, yes, that works really well. On MARS.


Elizabeth said...

Perhaps it's in the reverse: all the states with rampant teenage pregnancy need more religion because they're loosing the battle. (I'm a first time poster, so I'm letting you know that this is 100% sarcastic)

I've also noticed that states with high teenage birth rates have the more restrictive laws on abortion and enforcement of statutory rape laws, which drives me crazy! I'm talking to you GA and SC.

j0lt said...

I'm surprised they don't legalize chastity belts and have done with it.