Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mr. delagar writes me a poem

Since herr dr. delagar has taken to teaching the modern poetry class at our university as well as teaching poetry workshop in our creative writing minor, he is having a poetic outbreak -- writing sonnets and villanelles and and every sort of poem non-stop.  Here is a poem he wrote for me this past weekend.  Since it has music in it I am at a loss (I am a musical idiot) to help with the explication, but I like it a great deal:


Snake of asphalt black through crackle
leave you stop on precipice hanging
watching slow cars five fathoms down

Trees cluster chord Ligeti shades
pass under play out sky in harmonic
dissonance hear the grating tonality

heights magnet you to perch on stones
crush layers assonant chords basal
limestone reddish up I trudge a tuba

hoping for a solo deep amid strings
treetops shudder wind takes your hair too
follow I always will writing chordal thumps

you edge junkie I can bear war and SFZ anti-music
but high up five full fathoms snake road cars
I follow and sure it music be music love.

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