Monday, September 28, 2009

Book Re-Ordering

In a fit of pique over being rejected one more time, I decided the the time had finally come to put the books in the house in order. (They had been stacked all over the place, on top of other bookshelves, in front of books on the bookshelves, along walls, piled on windowsills, in baskets in corners, heaped up in boxes, anywhere that was level and many places that were not.) So: Saturday afternoon we bought a new bookshelf and six storage boxes and all weekend long we have been weeding and sorting and reshelving books.

(Any book we are not going to read or consult in the next year or two, we are committed to putting in a box and storing in the back closet. It is the only way to live in thise house. We have decided! Unfortunately so far Herr Dr. Delagar only wants to store my books and I only want to store his. Sigh.)

We are up to the H's. This is going to take awhile.

I am hoping, though, that eventually we will have a house we can vaccuum and dust and mop, and one where we can find books again. Wouldn't that be splendid?


Julianna said...

Consider taping a list of the books inside to each box. It will really save time and wear and tear on your boxes when you inevitably need to raid them for that book you must have a week after storing it away.


delagar said...

You are obviously much more organized than the delagar household!

zelda1 said...

Your energy inspires me; however, I cannot put books up because I might need them.

Julianna said...

I wish it were true. We only put books in boxes the last time we moved 15 years ago. I did the list taping thing in hopes of becoming more organized, fresh start, all that, in the new home but it was not meant to be.