Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Edition of

They're not racist...

That 9/12, it just keeps on giving.

I remember watching an episode of NYPD Blue about ten years ago where this white kid, poor little white kid from the burbs, gets arrested for some status crime like vagrancy, and his rich stepdaddy won't come get him, wanting to teach the kid a lesson, some plot point like that, so they're going to have to hold the poor little rich white kid in juvie with the evil criminal trash kids, and Sipowitiz takes him in and, ooo, lingering shot of the scary bad kids...

I'm like, what? What?

Because what was scary about these bad kids?

You've guessed it. It's that they were all brown. Brown and black. Ooo, poor white kid has to be locked up with black guys. Not black adults, mind you -- black teenagers, what looked like 13-17 years old. Oh, my, how eeeevil.

That's what we have in this little story. The adults from South Dakota and the "mid-western" state, who have been talking trash about Obama, they're fine. They're not an issue. No threat possible, though there are lots of them too, and they're sitting in a huge group, and I have no doubt laughing and saying some scary things, and possibly some of them are large. But -- they're white! So!

Nine to ten (young) black males? Eeeevil!

Yeah, Riehl's not racist.

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