Monday, December 15, 2008

Weather Report

...metaphorical and otherwise.

My shoulder is repairing itself slowly; the bouncy weather (hot one day, icy the next, as fronts sweep through) is not helping.  I was up most of the night last night in violent pain, this despite taking five of my Vicodin.  (Shoulder guy took me off the Oxycontin, put me back on the lesser pain drugs.)

Mobility is increasing, though: I can lift my arm again, nearly shoulder-high, and type fairly well.

Starting official PT this week (I've been doing at-home PT since just after the surgery).

About halfway through the grading.  One plagiarist so far -- but only one.  Not so bad.


sugaredharpy said...

My plagiarist just happened to be on the basketball team. I'm so thrilled that his coach has now emailed me to ask that I JUST PASS HIM for the sake of the team..after Test 1 being a 26% and Test 2 was a 43% and his term paper failing for plagiarism, um no, I had no intention of passing him. But coach wails, pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaase! Um, the fuck?

This is at a teeny tiny community college.

Anonymous said...

Your progress sounds good - and yes, weather fronts can hurt like hell!

Keep up the PT work and you may be able to hit the disorderly kid in the back of the class with a blackboard eraser like my English teacher could. OUCH!

delagar said...

Heh, S.H. That's my plagiarist too, except for the sports bit: no way he was going to pass anyway, and now he's flunking for this too.