Sunday, December 07, 2008

I'm Alive

Though I can barely type (this is being brought to you left-handed) so posting will be brief.

Diagnosis: ideopathic bone spurs and a torn ligament. (Yay Zelda, who sd it was bone spurs weeks ago).

Now I am strapped into a highly amusing jet-black brace which encases my entire upper body and right arm and makes me look like the Borg professor -- all this to keep my right shoulder in a neutral position at all times, except when I am doing my excruciating P.T.

Doc gave me a big fat bottle of Oxycontin, so what do I care?


Anonymous said...

You have my sympathies and best wishes. My wife just went through similar surgery and therapy on her knee. A very painful and trying time - but eventually things get better.

zelda1 said...

Yes and once you are over this, you will be so happy to not feel the pain.