Monday, December 22, 2008


First night of Hanukah last night.  We had our usual wild rumpus -- latkes and brisket, gelt and snakebites, jelly donuts, and, because the Target has come to Fort Smith, I added Christmas crackers to the mix ("Whatever, you cracker," mr. delagar grumped) so everyone wore silly hats through the night.  The Other Liberal Professor and Mr. TOLP came, along with Mick and Miles, their younguns, and Uncle Charger, and the kids ate far too much sugar, and the menorah was knocked over only once, but did not set the table cloth on fire, and we talked departmental politics as well as U.S. politics and cooking and family and holidays past and stayed up late and it was cold, cold, cold outside when we finally broke up.  

Also, we have the cutest, smartest children in the country, in case any of you were wondering. (Oh, except for yours, I'm sure!)

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