Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ow, Ow, Ow

I'm back at work today. My shoulder guy took out the stitches ( well, he didn't; his tech did) and said I could take the brace off while I wrote, so I am no longer typing left-handed. However, ow. Using the keyboard hurts. Also, my shoulder muscles are so wonked I can't lift my arm to the desk -- I have to use my left hand to put it up there.

Shoulder guy promises a month of PT and I'll be zooming. I have my doubts.

He says this dizziness I've been having is from hitting the pain meds too hard. Too hard for what? I say. What is this language you are speaking?

Meanwhile, on other fronts, Laura, at the kid's school, this is one of the far-right Christians, the one who argued with the kid about whether Obama was a Christian (still does, in fact) tells the kid the other day that she "just can't" read the Tale of Despereaux because in the opening pages the mother mouse says she doesn't want to have anymore babies. Wicked, ungodly mama mouse! Wicked ungodly book!

This Laura is ten, have I mentioned?

"What?" I said, muzzled with Oxycontin.

"I told her if you just read past that bit," the kid said, "it's really good, but --"

"Hadn't she already had a lot of baby mice?" I said, struggling to remember, since I read through all of Kate DiCamillo's books a few summers ago after reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, having picked it up from the children's new book section because the title was so cool. "How many mice babies does the mouse Jesus require her to have?"

The kid was silent a moment. Then she said, "I'm not having any babies."

"That's up to you," I said, which is my standard answer to this declaration. "It's your body."


zelda1 said...

Oh my, that having to lift the arm up and place it places brings back memories of me having to lift my legs, one at a time, up on the bed and having my son lift my body. Wow, those moments are terrifying. But, your guy is correct, you will get that abduction thing going on. Do they make you climb the wall with your fingers. It's one of the exercises that my sister had to do and it hurt like hell but it got her movement back. Just do what the pt guy says and take your freaking pain meds; although, I might add that the oxy drug made me go nuts. I took it after my hyst and one minute I was sitting in the chair and the next I was in the kitchen throwing glasses at Mr. Zelda, who, btw, calls that my mental breakdown.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me where in the Bible it says that women are required to be baby making machines?

Feel better and enjoy the drugs while you have them.

Anonymous said...

The shoulder muscles will be wonked for a while. But all the PT and exercises should prevent them from adhering to each other. It will get better.

Your discussion with Laura was nicely done "leftist propaganda" - good for you.

Bardiac said...

Good on you!

Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

zelda1 said...

Hey, BTW, I came down the hill to provide the people with yet more proof that I am who I say I am and can do what I say I can do and I ran into TOLP and Woman Who Runs things. Anyway, I almost dropped in on you but was afraid you would be resting so I went to get coffee and then drove back up to the plantation house. I'm hoping I'll get the green light for adjunting and can further my career of working for peanuts.