Friday, December 19, 2008

School's Out!

Done with grading, done with commencement, all done until January 7 -- yay! -- a few blessed weeks now to do my own work.  I have two short stories I plan to revised (I even know how to revise them) and an article to bang into shape.  I might be able to get that done in this amount of time.  What's the odds?

Meanwhile: three days until Hannukah starts and for once I actually have the presents all bought.  (The kid, sternly, last week: "Have you bought the presents yet?  All of them?")  I don't have the house cleaned up; but I do have a really good excuse, that I am broken.

Did my first PT session this morning.  The PT woman told me not to lift.  How can I clean house if I can't lift?  I ask you!

Also my shoulder guy -- or rather his nurse -- is getting stiff about the amount of drugs I am getting through.  Apparently I am eating too many pain drugs.  They have no idea how many pain drugs I would like to eat: that is all.


Anonymous said...

Some non-drug help with the pain can be to use gentle heat. My wife used the "Bed Buddy" wrap. It is like a sock filled with a granule that looks like rice. It is heated in a microwave for a minute or two. That wrapped around the joint helped her bear through her suffering.

You have my best wishes.

delagar said...

I'm using a heating pad, and also an ice bag. Haven't tried one of those bed buddies yet, though I've looked at them. Thanks for the tip!

zelda1 said...

I say use the fucking drugs. If you hurt, by god take the meds.