Friday, September 01, 2023

Thank You, Whoever You Were

I forget who suggested listening to book tapes as a way to fight insomnia, but thank you! I have been having a terrible bout of insomnia lately, and I tried listening to an audiobook last night. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in the middle of a scene I did not remember starting, and it was one a.m. I turned the book off and went right back to sleep.

The only problem is I have to listen via earbuds (because Dr. Skull is also trying to sleep), and my current pair hurt my ears. But that's an easy fix -- I just need smaller buds.


Anonymous said...

This may not be the solution for you, but-- I use a podcast with a 30- or 45-minute timer in a similar way to how you're using audiobooks. I play them on my ipad, and I stick the ipad under my pillow with case closed and the volume on 1. I can hear it pretty easily through the pillow, but it's not audible if you're not right on top of the pillow. My husband can't hear it at all.

Maybe something similar can work for you? The only negative is that sometimes the bump of the ipad is a little annoying if I don't have it positioned right.

delagar said...

Ooh, I'll try that!