Monday, September 04, 2023


I'm still sleeping most of the day and night. Also, my skin hurts. What does that mean?

My fever is staying between 99 and 100, higher in the afternoons. No trouble breathing, not yet. Just endless exhaustion.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

IME, skin hurting goes along with fever, so I hope your pain will stop when the fever drops. Sleep as much as you can. When I was sickest, I couldn't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, because I was so stuffed up; I'd wake up coughing, or panicking because I couldn't breathe---NB I could breathe fine if I opened my mouth, but then I had to calm down from the initial closed-mouth stuffed-nose panic before I could go back to sleep. I think that lack of sleep in the acute stage has a lot to do with why I took months to recover completely.

delagar said...

I'm sleeping maybe 20 hours a day at this point. I just wake up to pee and drink more water.

Foscavista said...

Yikes! How is your university responding to the uptick? Mine thinks it's just isolated incidents, so there is no need to have any type of in-class protocol.

delagar said...

A lot of things are being moved to virtual, which should help.

We should have never taken the masks off, if you want my opinion. WTF did people think would happen?

nicoleandmaggie said...

We got an email about the uptick, but no changes at all. So like, they know, but everyone is still unmasked and in person. Including me, if we're honest. (I've been masking in large meetings and seminars and out in public, but not when I'm teaching class, which is new for this year-- I was a masking hold-out for a long time.) My kids are both masking, though DC1 may stop in college.

I hope the CDC stops dragging their feet and gets the next booster rolled out sooner rather than later. It looks like the UK is rolling it out, but only to at-risk people. Hopefully mid-September will actually happen.

delagar said...

"I hope the CDC stops dragging their feet and gets the next booster rolled out"

From your mouth to God's ears