Saturday, December 24, 2022

Best of 2022

These are my best posts from 2022....or at least they're posts that I made in 2022. A lot happened this year, only some of it good.

January 2022: My interview!

February 2022: My kid burns me on Twitter

March 2022: A tie: My kid gets top surgery and What it is like to be a Bat

April 2022: We join a gym

May 2022: The kid makes me an icon and Child Sacrifice

June 2022: Roe V Wade is overturned

July 2022: The Heat Dome

August 2022: Faculty Training in the American Hellscape

September 2022: My brother dies

October 2022: My kid's jack-o-lantern

November 2022: Elon buys Twitter and the left responds hilariously

December 2022: The Senate Is Blue

Bonus comic:

This was also the year my new nephew was born, and the year the kids got a cat. 

Happy Holidays!

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