Saturday, June 01, 2019

Today's Agenda

Today I have to teach my trans son how to shave. (The T is working!)


Bardiac said...

Have you seen the new Gilette (sp?) commercial of a father teaching his son to shave? His son's transition is at that point, and it's sweet and beautiful to see the father's pride in teaching his son something he never expected.

It's interesting how special some things that are otherwise mundane (lots and lots of young men are taught, or learn, to shave) are, isn't it?

Which brings me to a joke: a group of teen boys are in a locker room, and one of them rubs his fuzz and says something about how rough it to start shaving. Another pipes up, "That's nothing. I've been shaving for six months, and cut myself both times!"

delagar said...

Ha! I love that joke.

And I love the Gillette commercial too. :)

delagar said...

The kid is very pleased with his new facial hair, btw