Thursday, June 20, 2019

Math Math Math

I think I mentioned some weeks ago that I had found this free math game online. It's called Prodigy Math, and I have to pretend to be 13 years old to play it, but I'm really enjoying the experience.

It's by no means a perfect game -- it doesn't really teach math, exactly. Instead, your character is presented with small quests, and then as the character goes about solving the quest, they are confronted with math problems to solve. The game makes hints available, but it doesn't explain the math exactly.

So frequently I have to stop and google how to do a given math problem. But this is great! Things I never understood before -- like what "squared" really means, for instance -- are becoming clear.

Although the game is really obsessed with graphing, as well as rise/run.

Anyway, that's my new go-to when I can't think of the next paragraph in my novel. I go do some math problems while I think.

Highly recommended for anyone who, like me, never actually learned math in grade school.

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This is the guy who celebrates with you when you get a math problem right


nicoleandmaggie said...


Math should be fun! YAY!!!!!

delagar said...

I'm really liking the experience, in case you couldn't tell!

heebie-geebie said...

Our kids love prodigy!

delagar said...

It's so much fun!