Monday, June 10, 2019

Tell Me What to Read Next

I'm nearly finished kicking the piss out of Unwind. Tell me what book to mock next.

The Kid wants me to have a go at Jim Butcher's Storm Front, but I can't find a free copy on any of my sites (Amazon, Scribd, and Google) and it's against my rules to actually pay for one of these books.

Other suggestions are welcome!


nicoleandmaggie said...

In fairness, Jim Butcher does get better, I think as he starts hanging out with SF/F writers who aren't misogynists. I wonder if we still have a copy of Storm Front. (DH loves the series so I read the first few and we had deep conversations about misogyny and how this guy really wasn't actually a great writer. He then had similar conversations with his brother. His actual writing ability also gets better.)

How about reporting on the Mueller report? That's free! And I bet the plot is just as unbelievable as fictional dreck with fictional protagonists...

delagar said...

That would motivate me to read the Mueller report. And our library just bought a copy!