Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Pop Up Ads Are Evil

Even though I've got ad software and popup blockers on my computers, there are still a number of sites that -- when I open them -- immediately bombard me with bullshit pop-up ads.

I shut such sites down immediately, because nothing they have to say can be worth dealing with clicking off or (worse) enduring the flashing videos at the edge or even center of the screen. And I assume most people do the same.

So how can anyone who designs or runs a site think this is a good strategy?

I'm guessing they get the revenue whether anyone sticks around to read their posts or not. But wouldn't people who build these annoying ads track that sort of thing?

I used to read -- for instance -- Rod Dreher and The Hill. But now I avoid both, because of these ads.

Maybe it's a defense mechanism? At least on Rod's part. Only the most zealous of readers (that's not me) will bother to put up with the bullshit?

The Hill, I think, just wants the money.

Of course, maybe that's Rod too.

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