Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Birthday!

It's my birthday again.

I honestly forgot until suddenly dozens of people were wishing me Happy Birthday on FB.

So happy birthday to me!

What are we doing for my birthday? Nothing! That's how I roll. Any excuse not to have a celebration, that's my motto. I'ma drink coffee and write. Later probably I'll go to the dog park with Heywood and the Kid.

Dr. Skull did get me several nice presents, though, including a bottle of fig-infused balsamic vinegar.

Image result for Happy Birthday comic Nathan Pyle

(Comic by Nathan Pyle. If you haven't discovered Nathan Pyle yet, boy are you in for a treat.)


nicoleandmaggie said...

Happy birthday! Yours is one day after my sister's.

I love my birthday because DH makes me a cake and people buy me books off my amazon wishlist and my kids are on their best behavior all day (except that time that DC1 stuck a pony bead up his nose at 10:30pm at night on a Saturday, which required thousands of dollars in emergency room fees to remove it... but other than that one time...)

delagar said...

Ha! Well, that was a memorable birthday, at least!