Monday, March 04, 2019

Next Book to Read Through

So I'm looking for the next book to do a blog-read of, since Trigger Warnings was so much fun (for certain values of fun).

My criteria is that the book must be conservative, must be stupid, must have been highly recommended on at least one MAGA American reading list, and must be available free on one of my two book platforms, Amazon or Scribd. (I ain't paying for a stupid hateful book.)

The two that are top in my running now are True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro, which looks like it's another Good Man With a Gun book; and Finding Mr. Righteous, by Lisa de Pasquale, which looks like a MAGA attempt at a romance novel.

From the first dozen pages, the de Pasquale book looks like it might be less boring. Both are pretty stupid.

Anyone want to vote? Or make other suggestions?


nicoleandmaggie said...

Save yourself! Read something that's actually fun instead! Life is too short. Unless there's a way to turn this into being for work somehow.

JaneB said...

MAGA Romance please, both because I read quite a lot of, um, unMAGA romances (mostly comedy or historical, mostly not MF because my interpersonal politics and experiences get uncomfortable with the power dynamics and tropes in most classic-formula romances even ones which are not overtly MAGA) and because all "men with guns not in an actual live/hot war zone" books (good, chaotic or evil, MAGA or "literary" or unashamedly popular) are kind of depressing (I don't like guns, full stop).