Friday, March 29, 2019

Conversation at the Library

I stopped by the library, to pick up the half dozen books they were holding for me.

The big library in our town is maybe five miles away. It has the most books, so I put books on hold when I want to read them, having them sent to the library which is two blocks from my house.

All the librarians there know me, since I'm in there two or three times a week, either picking up books and looking for books or bringing books back. Also, the Kid used to hang out there a lot when he was in high school, and he always volunteered to work there summers.

Anyway, today the new librarian, who I liked a lot, was there. She got my books and checked them out for me, asked, "You read so much. You must just go home every night and read."

"I do," I agreed cheerfully. "That's pretty much all I do, read books and write them. But what can I do?" I added. "There are so many books!"

"Same!" she said, and we beamed happily at each other.

One reason I'm hesitant to move out of our current house (which I would love to do, to move into something with a lower rent which is closer to the school) is how much I would miss having this library within walking distance, right across the street from the post office, and also the local grocery store, only maybe a tenth of a mile further on. Also! Our dentist is like four blocks in the other direction.

If it only wasn't so far from where I work, this would be the perfect house.

(So far: eight miles. I can get to work in ten minutes, if the traffic is light. So ignore my whining.)

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