Wednesday, June 22, 2016


So my kid received a comment from someone on her currently running comic asking if she could make it "a bit more obvious" who is male and who is female in the comic, since the reader was having trouble deciding this important issue.

My kid's reply: (a direct quotation here): "nah the gender binary is bullshit my friend"

Yep, I do parenting right.


nicoleandmaggie said...

Obviously half (pardon, <30%) of the animals need mascara and bows and the rest need to wear briefs. Because without that, how are people going to separate them into tidy little stereotypical boxes?

delagar said...

Plus, how will we know how to think about these animals and characters if we don't know whether they have male or female genitalia? This story will be *impossible* to read if you don't put bows on the girls and ties on the boys!

Bardiac said...

You sure do!

Has she added more? (waiting impatiently here!)

delagar said...

Yes! Well -- maybe?

She updates every Wednesday and Saturday. So if you've read Wednesday's update, then no.

I want her to update *every* day, but she says she can't draw that fast. :)

D Shannon said...

"This story will be *impossible* to read if you don't put bows on the girls and ties on the boys!"

Let's compromise. We'll put bow ties on everybody.

In other news, after two weeks of problems, my computer has been fixed. While it was broken, I had to access the internet through the local library's computers. I couldn't read this website from there. It seems that the blocking software had classified it as pornography.

I thought you might get a chuckle out of that last sentence.

delagar said...


I am passing this comment on to my kid *immediately*. You cannot imagine how happy it will make her.