Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Teaching Again

I've picked up a Summer I class from a colleague who has a family emergency, which mean we have a little more money this summer -- yay!

In other news, the air conditioner which was fixed three days ago failed again yesterday afternoon. The landlord sent new guys to fix it. The other guy had said it needed Freon and also my filters needed cleaning (they didn't -- I clean them religiously, mainly because that's one way to help keep the cost of electricity down, summers). He cleaned the clean filters and put in new Freon.

These guys said the compressor was shot. They're supposed to come back today with a new compressor.  I hope they do, and I hope this works. Summer in Arkansas without AC is... well, many people in this country are having a worse week than I am this week, obviously, so I won't say hell on earth. But it's very unpleasant.

Right now I'm in my office, where I'm the only one on the hallway, since it's summer.  I have the AC cranked down to 66.  Bliss.


nicoleandmaggie said...

Oh man, I so do not want to move back to the heat. :(

delagar said...

It's not fun.

I was telling my kid that until I was seven or eight, we didn't have AC in our house in New Orleans. You can imagine New Orleans in the summer w/o air conditioning.

And the school I attended didn't have AC until I was twelve. Fall and spring were miserable at that school.