Friday, April 29, 2016

Rod Dreher Gives Himself the Vapors, Yet Again

Oh noes!  Sex Ed in KINDERGARTEN?

The culture is doom-ed!

Yes, Rod, sex education can start in kindergarten.  My kid, when she was in public school, had sex education classes in kindergarten.  I don't know what ridiculous fantasies have your trousers in a wad, but all this means is that once a month or so, the school counselor took them all down to the resource room and they sat in a circle and they talked about Stranger Danger; or on other days about how no one had the right to touch their bodies without permission.

That's sex education for kindergarteners, Rod. Shocking stuff!

It's not like he doesn't know this, either.  Right there in what he's got on his page, the article says what will be taught:

Both educators believe that children would be better off with a more comprehensive understanding of sexuality, beyond just the issue of consent—one most effectively taught at a younger age as part of a larger curriculum that includes teachings on boundaries, personal autonomy, relationships, and other aspects of sexual health. 

So I am forced to conclude that Rod thinks there is something wrong with small children being taught that they have a right to set personal boundaries, or have autonomy.

Yeah, no, I'm joking.  I know Rod doesn't believe children should be allowed to have those things, especially if they're girl children.

(It's also worth noting that other countries have sex education, good sex education, that starts in kindergarten or even younger, and their results have -- here's a shocker -- resulted not in the hell-scape Rod imagines, but in a better informed and healthier population.  D'oh.)

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