Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For My Global Lit Class

I wanted to use some graphic stories/graphic lit for my Global Lit class.

Here's what I'm using, so far -- any suggestions for what I might add?

Requirements: It needs to be short, and it needs to be by an other-than-American (USA, in other words) writer:

This link goes to the START of a collection -- these three writers are the ones I'm using:

James Stewart, Catherine Brighton, Faye Moorehouse, Isabel Greensberg
(Note the arrow at the bottom of the page -- that's how to move to the next page)

His Face All Red, Emily Carroll

 Bongcheon-Dong Ghost” by Horang (This one is scary!  Like, no kidding, made me scream out loud in my office scary. Skip it if that's not your deal.)


Anonymous said...

This might be too long, but I love this story and I love Daniel Alarcon's work.

Anonymous said...

If you can't use the link, it is City of Clowns, by Daniel Alarcon and Sheila Alvarado.

delagar said...

Ooo, thanks for that link.

It does look too long, but I'm teaching another class next semester -- I might fit it into that one.

Anonymous said...

I am an anthropologist and very interested in graphic novels; I have a friend who is doing one based on her research in Egypt coming out in 2017.
Thanks for keeping up with your blog -- longtime reader, first time commenter :)

delagar said...

That sounds interesting too! I'll keep it in mind.