Sunday, May 01, 2016

Cat Pictures, Please

Update: Due to Tom Mays' withdrawal -- good for him, by the way! -- "Cat Pictures, Please" is now a Hugo Nominee.  Yay!

So yesterday we're driving to the bookstore, as we do, and Dr. Skull says to me, he says, "Hey, did you hear about that idiot that's trying to wreck the Hugos?"

I was dead silent for half a second, and then I laughed hysterically.

"What?" Dr. Skull said. "What?"

From the back seat, the kid said, "Da-a-ad!"

When I stopped laughing, I said, "Yeah, sweetie, I've heard about him."

In honor of Naomi Kritzer, whose wonderful story, "Cat Pictures, Please," was kept from winning its rightful Hugo this year by that idiot who's trying to destroy the Hugos, here's a picture of our cat, Junti, who decided to repurpose the big pot that Dr. Skull brought home to make the chicken soup for the matzo ball soup for Passover this year.

(Seriously, if you haven't yet read Naomi Kritzer's wonderful story, go read it now.  And then go read the rest of her work.  She's amazing.  And she, like a number of other amazing writers, has been truly robbed that that fucking idiot who thinks his tantrum is more important than the serious work of hundreds of serious writers, not to mention all the work the rest of us put in to reading and thinking and nominating their work.)


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delagar said...

N&M -- did you see that by Thomas Mays refusing the nomination -- which opened up a slot -- "Cat Pictures, Please" is now on the ballot?

Class move!