Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rain, rain, rain

It's pouring down here. I spent the day prepping for class and catching up on grading. Too worn out and moody to do much useful.

Also made Spring Soup from a recipe in a book on how to be poor, since I reckon we're going to have to get used to being even poorer than we are now, hard as that is to picture. Spring Soup is basically a recipe that uses all the left-over scraps of vegetables in your icebox. Boil it, add a little milk, and mmm!

Here's the recipe:

Spring Soup

Chop up:
one onion
half a head of lettuce (it can be wilty)
a couple stalks of celery
parsley (if you have it)
cabbage (if you have it)
leeks (if have them)
watercress (if you have them)
(whatever you don't have, replace with anything green and leafy)
A bit of thyme, if you have it.

Once these are chopped up pretty finely, saute them in a pot (at least five quart) for ten minutes in two tablespoons of either butter or some sort of nice oil (I used butter). Add four cups of broth, any kind you have on hand. Simmer for 45 minutes. Run through a blender. (Or whir into bits with an immersion blender.) Stir in half a cup of milk or if you have it cream.

Add pepper, salt. Serve with nice bread.

Everything is made into a real meal if you can get (or make) nice bread. We have to make our own, here in Fort Smith.

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