Saturday, March 03, 2012

Bad Days

I've been posting very lightly lately (I know, like you need to be told that!) because most of the news here has been so rotten.

Well, obviously some is good! Stories get published! My novel comes out! My kid is great! The classes I'm teaching are great. And I am, in fact, writing really, really well these days. Those things help a lot.

It's mainly work, politics, and the economy (in that order) which suck so badly. I obviously can't say much on this blog (which although it's sort of anonymous isn't really anymore) about what's going on with my university, but it's been getting steadily worse over the past year, and Thursday something came down which surpassed anything I thought even this administration would be capable of. (Yes, I know, AHAHAHA! I'm so naive.)

It's kind of like with the GOP, I guess. You keep thinking, well, crap, they seem so crazy and mean, but they're human beings like us, right? Doing reasonable things that look reasonable from their side of the ditch? Surely we can work something out. Surely we can live and work together?

Then something like this contraceptive mess comes down, and, wow.

I guess we really can't.

Anyway, so we've been really broke, depressed, and desperate here at the delagar household, and now we've just found out we're going to be more broke, more desperate, and more depressed.

A bad week.

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Anonymous said...

Should I have pursued this Master's degree in College Student Personnel (Higher Education Administration)? I have one semester left. Hmmm...