Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Kid Tells Me A Joke

I am sitting in my brooding chair, trying to write.

The Kid (appears, swoops, sits on ottoman): So this kid and his BFF are walking to school.

Me: um.

The Kid: And the BFF says, will you love me forever?

Me: Ah.

The Kid: And the kid says NOOOO.

Me: (Blank stare.)

The Kid: And the BFF is so upset she runs across the street even though the traffic light is saying DONT WALK and she is run over by a big truck and killed dead and the kid is SO SAD.

Me: That is an unpleasant turn of--

The Kid: And the kid runs to embrace her body and he is SO SAD because he meant he would love her FIVE-ever. (Pause.) The End.

Me: (Longer Pause): I am going to put that joke on my blog.

The Kid: NOOOOO!

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