Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hey! But Here's Another Post!

While we're on it...

What the shit is UP with the GOP? I mean, I thought my university administration had gone insane, but that was before I started watching the GOP try to run a candidate for the White House.

I can't decide who's fucken crazier, Santorum or Ron Paul. Romney ain't crazy, of course, he's just a bootlicker, trying to suck the ass of everyone he can if it will get him into the White House. And Gingrich, ha, he thinks evil is smart, which, I guess that's sad. I'd feel sadder about him if the crap he thinks is so smart to say didn't have real world consequences.

MEANWHILE: here in Arkansas, I actually have students who think some of these guys are viable candidates. Now that's depressing.

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dorki said...

"What the shit is UP with the GOP?"

Here are the solutions that I got from my Sky King Magic Decoder Ring.

1 - Santorum = Testament Thumper
2 - Ron Paul = Lunatic Fringe
3 - Romney = bootlicker (like you said)
4 - Gingrich = Embarrasses The Grinch to death
5 - GOP = Greed, Oppression, Prejudice

... after that the ring melted!