Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Fun With Teabaggers

I've got three or four of these people in my, ah, I guess you'd call it social circle.

And, you know, they're "not racist."  They just care about teh country!


I don't argue anymore.  Way back like a year ago when this Teabagger shit started, I could give them some space to learn.  I could think maybe they were just naive, Fox-News watching toolkits who didn't know better.

But at this point?  If you're still subscribing to this filth and you still have a Sarah Palin sticker on your SUV or in your heart?

You're a hater and a racist.  Give it up.

1 comment:

Bardiac said...

I'm willing to repudiate racism among my associates and to work to end my own racism. But then, I'm not a tea bagger. I'm more of a coffee type. :)