Saturday, July 03, 2010

Light Blogging Lately

I know!  But:

(1) My world is smashed full.  It is finals for Summer I, so I have been grading & grading; and Summer II starts on the 6th, so I have to prep for that.  (I'm teaching a full load both sessions, b/c we are even more broke than ever, as, I realize, so is everyone else in the country, except the rich motherfucker who broke the country.  They are richer than ever.  Don't get me started.  Where's my damn pitchfork?)  Besides teaching, I am at work on writing because

(2) It is nearly time for Broken Slate to begin running at Crossed Genres, so I have been working with my editor, Kay Holt, oh how I love this sentence, on the final revisions of that novel, smacking it into shape for publication; and

(3) two more book review for Strange Horizons; and

(4) I think six separate short stories currently getting revised; and

(5) an English grammar class I'm teaching in the fall I need to start prepping for; and

(6) we're going to homeschool the kid this year, so we're learning how to do that; and

(7) I think that's it, except the massive depression that overwhelms me all the time these days, due to the destruction of my beloved country and planet by these horrible people.  Who surround us.  And won't shut up.  I don't know what to do about that.  Drinking more rum is not, so far, really helping much.


Tree of Knowledge said...

Maybe it's the kind of rum you drink, or maybe it's not enough. Can you get Sailor Jerry rum? What about combining rum with pictures of puppies?

You are one busy woman; I need a nap just reading this list. Can you combine 5 & 6? Really, you only need to be about two weeks ahead of your students anyway once you get the basic structure of the semester down. And I'm excited about your book!

dorki said...

Looks like you have enough stuff to keep you out of the pool halls.

Advice from an almost-rummy: Be careful of Demon Rum (however my favorite was the Morgol - made like a Black Russian except using the best dark rum instead of vodka).

delagar said...

Yeah, I know. Drinking too much really is not a good long-term solution.

vintage cocktail recipes said...

Depends on what your mixing with the rum. Try a good old fashioned grog, and think what it was like to be set to sail on a floating piece of wood for six months! Cheers to you!