Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mel's Racist, Misogynistic Rant

I'm probably the last person to hear this, but yikes.

I'm not so much surprised by what he says, given what everyone except the Right-Wing Xtians already knew about Saint Mel, as I'm appalled by the comments being made on the page defending him, which are basically to the tune of bitch set him up, bitch had it coming, bitch is a money-grubber.  Yeah, you know what I blame.

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zelda1 said...

Here’s the thing with Mel: we have always known that he is a racist. I mean, if he goes off about Jewish folks being to blame for everyone, how much more is he going to hate African Americans or Mexican Americans? And we knew he was misogynistic by the mere fashion of his movies. Women are either whores or kitchen aides. And, those who are neither whore or kitchen aide need saving are always someone frigid and bitchy. The very thing he finds attractive in a woman, he hates in a wife. Big busted, scantily dressed women are only for arm jewelry. Once you take them home, they must conform to the kitchen aide and I guess his new woman didn’t like that concept. Good for her for recording him. I have not watched any of his movies since his taking the passion—theme to heart. Oh, and his hate toward the Jew rant. Yeah, he is a fucking fucktard on the lowest level.