Sunday, July 04, 2010

No Jobs

This article details exactly what's happening everywhere around me.  

I know so many people caught in this wrecked economy (not just me and Herr Dr. Delagar, in other words--although, yes, us:  he hasn't had a full-time work in over three years).


zelda1 said...

Yeah, I'm so poor, I cannot afford to pay attention. BTW, being poor makes it hard to pay attention.

The good news, about two more months and I get another pay check. Yeah!

delagar said...

Yeah, we only have to survive, what ten more weeks, and we can be dirt poor instead of really fucking poor?

Unknown said...

there's a difference?

zelda1 said...

Here's the big bother. Everyone is feeling the recession but only the really poor really feel it. I mean, if you get laid off and get unemployment but before that get a package for being fired, and you get to keep your insurance, and the it rolls over to unemployment benefits and then some still have savings and their 401 to borrow from, if push comes to shove. But, then there are those of us who really have not big savings or a huge 401 to borrow against and the money that others have or get we don't get. No income for ten or so weeks and if it weren't for my daughter's generousity with her poverty, we'd be fucked. But, as it is, we have food and for another month a stove to cook it on.
My husband keeps saying that we can overdraft if we have too because we have overdraft protection up to 1000 bucks but there's service charges that have to be paid.

And then there's the fucking slime of being poor. At night, around midnight, I can honestly let it go because no bill collectors call that late and no one is going to knock on my door to turn anything off. So, at midnight, I can be a peace for a minute.

My only reprieve from the anxiety is that I don't have small children to worry about. I mean, I have my daughter's children, but they have food and shelter.

When will this shit end?

delagar said...

Yeah, that's the difference between dirt poor and really fucking poor.

Z, can't you screen your calls? That's what I've been doing. Or turn the phone off during the day? They only call between eight and nine. But I guess you can't, with the kids.

zelda1 said...

I just don't answer those calls that I don't recognize. I am so tired of this shit. The good news is that I should be getting my travel money soon and the trip to Ok has already been paid for by me, so the money will actually be mine. And, we are getting close to August the end. Then, money shall flow again.

The really good news is that we have food. So many of my friends are living on dehydrated noodles. Another really good thing is that I am old and I know how to make a good meal from scratch with things like beans and potatoes and corn bread. And, when I cook meat, I can make it stretch. Something many people are unable to do.

But, poverty is poverty regardless of the crappy food. I miss shopping.