Friday, April 16, 2010

Bragging on My Kid

This morning, over her waffles:

The Kid: I was reading in this how to draw manga book...

Me: (not my best before morning coffee) mrf.

The Kid: The guy writing it, he says, well, women characters, they're all drawn beautiful, and that's not very interesting, so we'll just skip to the male characters.

Me: (lifting my head slightly) grr....

The Kid: Yeah.  Plus, that's exactly opposite what Scott McCloud in Making Comics says.  He says how you should draw all your characters interesting, how that's your job as a cartoonist.

Me: (thinking about how much I really like this kid): vrrrr...

The Kid: So I quit reading that stupid book.

Me: Good plan.

The Kid: Plus it's not true.  If you look at Bleach, for instance, none of the female character look alike.  Even if they are all beautiful.  Want me to get the books?

Me: (oh please not before coffee...) urrrr--

(Too late, she has fled the kitchen, off toward her bedroom)

So those of you who are fretting that your kids will become awful as they near adolescence?  Nah.  They just get better and better.


dorki said...

Sounds like you have a very smart kid there. You will be very busy keeping up with her the next few years.

Good luck!

sugaredharpy said...

My son loves anime and manga and loves Bleach. He had a book on how to draw manga and it was just as stupid. The women characters were all sexed up girls and there about two pages on how to draw them, versus 100 on how to draw men. He didn't like it, either.

delagar said...

Aren't these kids just great, s.h.? Except for the part about how we have to keep packing them school lunches, I mean. I gotta admit I'm way sick of having to pack school lunches. But other than that, wow. I just love this whole kid deal.

(And you! Home-schooling! No more school lunches! How much does that rock?)