Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Separate and Unequal

Over in Mississippi, they're still putting black kids and white kids into separate classrooms and separate schools, apparently.

Which, color me shocked, because where I grew up, in Louisiana, that was far more likely to be the case than otherwise (things are somewhat different now, so far as I can tell, in many places in the state -- not so much in others); here in Arkansas, in many counties and towns, it's the case to this day.  Even where segregation isn't legal segregation, you end up with de facto segregation: white parents home-school, or transfer their kids to Charter schools, or to private Christian schools that just happen to be all white, or move to some nearby town or subdivision that's all white.  And if it just so happens that the schools the black kids attend aren't very well funded, or have teachers who aren't exactly qualified, well, how is that the white parents' fault?  Those black kids should have richer parents if they want a better education!

Then my freshmen tell me there's no problem with racism in America anymore:  what am I talking about?  It's white Christians who are discriminated against these days!  Everyone knows that.

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